13 September 2010

Marine Corps Marathon 2010

I went to an informational meeting for the Marathon Club last week, but I never imagined that would earn me a slot for the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon. When I was offered the slot, I hesitated at first - I probably have to pay my own airfare - but decided to take it. How could I pass up 26.2 miles through D.C., especially Arlington?

So, I have 47 days to train for a marathon. I did 14.5 miles on Saturday morning, on Falcon Trail: tons of elevation change. The low point is Stadium Boulevard; the high point is the Stanley Canyon trailhead - plus three huge ridges and several other smaller ones. It took me 2 hours and 50 minutes, including stops to grab stuff out of my pack and check maps. That's an 11:45 mile - very slow. However, it's at 7,000 feet, and it's hilly.

I hope to finish the MCM in 3:45, fast enough to qualify for Phase 1 of the Pikes Peak Ascent at the end of next summer. We'll see.

I'm also thinking about turning this into a charity run. Maybe you'd sponsor me a quarter or a dime for every minute it takes me. The faster I go, the less you pay. I'd donate the money to an orphanage in Guatemala.

Stay posted for details on that.

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