06 September 2010

Something old, something new

The clouds are creeping across the sky
And the jack pines creak in the breeze.
The grass is wet and it's cold
But we stay and stare at the heavens.
Then I pray and I feel your heart.

The waves crash over the pier
And the hail flies horizontally.
I shield you with my body
But soon we're both soaked.
Then your smile brings out the sun.

The breeze ruffles the target
And the sun glints off the barrel.
You try shooting from a sitting position
But you're frustrated 'cause you miss
Then you lie prone, and hit the bull's eye.

The grass is green and the breeze is light
And Josh Turner plays on the deck.
I play frisbee in the grass
But you stay on the porch
Then I see you, watching me.

The sun is starting to get low
And the air is beginning to cool.
In my park, we walk along
But you stop to take pictures.
Then you put your hand in mine.

The coals flicker in the wind
And the fire smells like hardwood.
My dad cracks his old jokes
But you find them hilarious.
Then they head in and we talk and pray.

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