23 September 2010

Stupid things

"Rationally speaking, what kind of fool would walk an hour and a half hoping for 180 feet of delaminating slush and horror? But we do all kinds of stupid things when you think about it. We work too much, don’t make the most of our pre- and post-work time, or our lunch breaks, or our time with friends, and the list continues. Hell, people mow their lawns. Why? For what? Step away from the 'well, everyone does it' thing and you realize that mowing your lawn makes September ice climbers look like rocket surgeons."
-From "Chasing Friday" on The Cleanest Line.

Yeah. I'd bet that would work on my dad as well as the "Mom, if we clean before company comes, it's like we're lying to them. We're saying the house always looks this nice, but it really doesn't."

But, I think it's true.

In other news, I went for my first run with the marathon club today. The guy who led it - my coachee from last year - took us on a pretty sweet trail through the woods. Marine Corps Marathon in five weeks.

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  1. Remember when we didn't mow the back lawn, son? Fun times... :)