20 October 2010

Crouch. Leap.

My fingertips cling to small holds near my chest; my toes rest on holds under the overhang.

I crouch, then come up, then crouch again, three times. I eye the hold I'm going for, wondering if I'll have enough power to reach it and hold it. I leap.

Not enough power. Slipped off.

Jason gives me some tips: crouch only once. Fully extend your arms. Then go for it.

I wait a bit, then get back on the wall. Find the holds, crouch, eyes on the target.


Nail it. I feel the rough hold under my fingers as they wrap around to the back. My hand hooks over the top, and I hang there, smiling and twisting. Got it.

As I walk back up to my room, I think about this, and other things that have happened in my life recently. My interview for a scholarship went poorly, and my name was taken off the list. I was taken aback.

But there's no point in crouching and coming back, wondering if I'll get there. In fact, that will only hurt my chances to get there. But if I concentrate, crouch slowly, keep my eye on the goal, then go for it with all I've got, I'll make it.

Of course, I'm not sure exactly what I'm going for yet. That's where God comes in. He knows where I'm going; there's no reason to be afraid because He's by my side. And right now, He's making sure I'm fully extended, stretching my muscles to get the most power out of them.

And then one day, I'll leap.

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