31 October 2010

Things I learned this weekend

-When you wear running moccasins in an airport or at a marathon expo, you get a lot of questions.
-Tiger Tail actually works.
-When you wear huarache sandals at a marathon, you get a lot of questions.
-Copious amounts of Chamois Butt'r do a man good at a marathon.
-If you put a Gu in a pocket next to your tailbone and then sit on your tailbone, it may burst. Then you'll have Gu in your buttcrack for 26.2 miles.
-Buying a goodwill hoodie and throwing it away in the first few miles is a good idea for a fall marathon
-You should do at least twenty miles before your marathon.
-You should make sure your feet are used to your shoes before a marathon.
-Family and funny signs go a long way to motivate you during a marathon ("Why do all the cute ones run away?" "26.2: because 26.3 would be crazy.")
-Bible verses and worship songs go even farther.
-Navy medical corpsman know what they're doing. ("If you were my guy in the field, I'd wrap it up and tell you to press on.")
-USAFA parents are always proud of their cadets. And they make great host families.
-It's a lot easier to run when there's a beautiful blonde at the finish line. If that beautiful blonde happens to be in England, you'll think about her a lot during the run.
-Purple umbrellas make it easy to find your family.
-Buff headwear, UA shorts, and Oakley glasses are worth it.
-Having a Marine LT put a medal over your head feels pretty darn good.
-Flying back the day of the race sucks.
-Arctic Ease is the best way to ice an injury I've ever used.
-I can wake up at 0520, start running 26.2 miles at 0800, walk a few miles afterwards, catch two flights, get in at 2130 (2330 where I woke up), and drive for an hour.
-When you walk down stairs backwards, people give you weird looks.
-26.2 miles? Worth it.


  1. Neat! Did you really wear huaraches for 26.2 miles? I tested Patagonia trail runners today for a piece in our magazine's spring issue; they don't hold a candle to my minimalist shoes, comfort-wise at least. Congrats on your marathon too!

  2. Yeah, wore 'em for all 26.2. They worked great, but I shoulda done more than 15 before the marathon. Thanks!