17 October 2010


I've never had to worry about finding work. And until recently, I haven't realized how much of a blessing that is.

I met a new friend at theMILL last week and asked him how he was doing. The first thing he said? "Pretty darn good - I finally found some work. Praise God!" I could tell from his handshake and his clothes that this was a hard-working good 'ol boy. He isn't lazy, but finding work is still a struggle.

Two weeks ago, as I hauled rock and shoveled dirt with my girlfriend's dad, I began to realize what it's like to live without a guaranteed paycheck. Certainly, he runs his landscaping business well, but he never knows when a drought might come or a depression hit and put him out of work. "I never got a job from a poor man," he said. Trickle-down economics works - but when there's a shortage of money at the top, there's a lot less trickling down.

As I think about all this, my dad's words echo in my head: "Son, you've got a lot of problems a lot of people would like to have."

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