22 November 2010

Six months

Six months ago, I took a beautiful blonde Colorado hippie girl to dinner at The Sunbird. Her mom and my mentor's wife were jealous - their husbands had never taken them there. I borrowed a car from a friend's dad - a Pastor who tried to convince me that dating isn't Biblical.

I'm glad he didn't. Today, that beautiful girl is in England following Jesus, and our relationship remains strong: in fact, it grows stronger. To be fair to the Pastor, I think he's right to some degree, and our relationship was more than simply dating. From the start, we knew there was a very strong possibility of marriage. Otherwise, there'd be no point.

The day after that first date, I went to the zoo with her whole family, and gave her five-year-old twin sisters rides on my shoulders. The day after that, I left for four weeks in the Dominican Republic. I came back for two nights, one of which we spent up on the ridge, laying on our backs, watching shooting stars. I held her soft hand on the way down. Then I left for three more weeks.

After that, I was in town the rest of the summer. We worshiped together at Woodmen Valley Chapel and at theMILL. I bought a Jeep and we went exploring in the mountains a bit. Labor Day weekend, I took her home to meet my family - and all of my close friends. She sat on the deck and Kurtis interviewed her while I played frisbee in the backyard. We went to my grandparents' in the thumb and walked out onto the Port Austin Pier in a storm. The waves crashed over us, soaking our jeans. The rain and hail blew sideways, but we held each other close and wondered at the beauty of it all. Back at home, we stood in the backyard and craned our necks at the stars. Then we buried our faces in each other's shoulders and I held her. A prayer sprang up in my heart, and I let it out. I had prayed in this very spot so many times before. I couldn't believe I was praying there with such an amazing woman in my arms.

We came back to Colorado and I called her mom to let her know her beautiful daughter was home safe. Three weeks later, she left for England. It was raining when we said goodbye; I held her close and prayed and wondered if the water on her cheeks was from her tears or from the sky.

She's going to India at the end of December: Is she in your village, when can I meet her? Her faith is incredible. I know that God is leading her, and that makes it easier to be an ocean - or two - away. But I long to have her in my arms again, to feel her heart beat as I pray for her and for us.

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