28 December 2010

Ice and Stars

In summer months,
I've explored these waters
In small boats,
Propelled by paddles and arms and back -
But now, in winter,
The dock lights shine off the ice and snow
Which crunches eerily under my moccasins.
By these lights I guide my steps,
For the sky is dark,
And the stars too faint to illuminate
The water's frozen pathways.
Yet Orion is not too faint to see
And I look at him and think of you.
Can you see him? No.
Day is gathering
On your side of the world,
Preparing to thrust itself
Over the eastern horizon.
I hope you find - and spread -
Joy in that day.
And when this earth spins round,
And day finds me,
And night finds you,
May you find joy in the stars, too.

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