16 February 2011

I used to...

I used to think she didn't like me.
Then someone told me how her face brightened when she mentioned me.

I used to think "You take me breath away" was just something people sang in songs.
Then she took my breath away.

I used to think shooting stars were rare but cool.
Then we laid on our backs and watched a dozen of them shoot across the sky.

I used to never write poems.
Then lines about her started flowing, and I couldn't keep them in.

I used to skip over love songs when they started playing.
Then every love song started reminding me of her, and brought a smile to my face.

I used to think "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" was a silly cliché.
Then she left the country for six months, and I found out it's true.


  1. this makes me smile! just wanted to share: what a lovely poem!

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