20 December 2011


As I walked out the door for my run this morning, I took stock of my outfit:
  • Merrell Barefoot Sonic Gloves (trail running shoes)
  • Injinji toe socks
  • Under Armour Cold Gear tights and long-sleeve shirt
  • Aasics running shorts
  • GoLite Wildwoods t-shirt
  • Nike 3/4 zip fleece
  • Mountain Hardwear gloves
  • The North Face beanie
A lot of brands represented there. A lot of expensive stuff.

My dad has a sign in the barn: "Pay cash. Buy the best. Make it work. Rebuild it. Recycle it. Hand it down."

I buy stuff that has multiple purposes. Like my Sonic Gloves, which are great for running, hiking, shooting, playing ultimate, whatever. Or my Cold Gear tights, which have a hole from motorcycle crash but often serve as a baselayer for skiing. And which need to be rebuilt. Or my gloves, which also worked for motorcycling and skiing.

When I tell people I shop at REI, they always say, "Oh... that's expensive." Yeah, it might be. But it's good gear that will last. And if it doesn't last, REI will take it back, no matter when, no matter what. 

And it's pretty easy to find stuff on sale. In my experience, good gear is worth the cost. It lasts a long time, and it works a lot better. 

Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without.


  1. Hey, that reminds me, we have all the parts for the walk-behind mower. Let's bolt that puppy back together, and get it into the three bay for winter storage. :)



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  3. With all due respect brother, I can't tell if you're selling Christ or your dad's expensive shop. May be the line shouldn't be so blurred. We, as Christians, are here to represent Jesus. Jesus came to take our eyes off of the things of this world. I don't mean to be a "spammer" or whatever you call it, I just find my Jesus being coupled with ads and the things of this world so often that it's become normal to put Him there..in the world, that is. Just something we have to continually think about when we speak the Great Name of Jesus Christ. God be with you as you explore.

  4. Kelline,

    My dad's 'shop' is actually a workshop, a barn. (I'll edit the post to make that more clear.) In the barn, he's got a collection of quality tools he's built up over years that get the job done, along with various posters like the one mentioned.

    Jesus put Himself in the world. I didn't mention Jesus in this post; I'm not coupling him with ads.

    It's worth noting that Jesus talked a lot about money - more, in fact, than he talked about heaven and hell. What I'm talking about here is wise spending. Good gear is worth it because it lasts longer, and in the long run, holds more value than cheap gear.

  5. I think, Kelline, he's talking about stewardship, and not my "expensive" shop. The mower referenced above? Bought very used at $250 and repaired (vs. $5,000 new).

    Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife.