09 February 2012

Pros and Cons

Last night, I got a piece of paper that said: "Flint, MI. 36.3, -97.9. Lubbock +17." When I read it, I had a gut feeling that I wasn't assigned to Whiting Field, FL. Wikipedia confirmed those coordinates were for Vance AFB. Crap. (The Lubbock +17 part is code for my report date.)

I wanted to go to Whiting Field, to do Undergaduate Pilot Training (UPT) with the Navy. My fiance really wants to go there, and so do I. It's less intense, and would give me some much-needed down time after four years of increasing intensity here at USAFA.

But, there's another firstie in my squad who got Pensacola and wants Vance, and he has the same report date. We can easily swap. I thought about it: God is sovereign, so He knew I'd get Vance - did He want me to go there? All the while, my mind was on Critical Design Review, where my Capstone design team briefs the department head (an O-6) and various other faculty and staff in the Mech Department. We had a lot of work to do to get ready for the briefing.

I texted my fiance that we got Vance, but that we could switch for Whiting. She got super excited, really wanted to switch. I wasn't so sure. I headed to the Mech Lab to get ready for the briefing.

When I got back to my room at 0100, I couldn't sleep because of stress from the briefing and deciding what to do about my assignment. I got up and read Deuteronomy 24:5:
If a man is newly married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay home and bring happiness to his wife.
I took a shower and thought and prayed about it. Going to Whiting would give me a little more freedom, and it would bring a lot of happiness to my future wife - which, according to that verse, is my priority in the first year of marriage. Of course, she'd be happy anywhere, and after praying last night, she was willing to go wherever God wants us to go. And I believe God wants us to go to Whiting.

Vance is probably better for my career - the training is AF training, so I'd train in the same mindset I'd fly in. I'd get done faster, so I wouldn't fall behind my peer group. One of my groomsmen and his fiance will be there, so my fiance and I will already have friends there when we show up.

But God doesn't care about pros and cons. What if Moses had weighed the pros and cons? Jeremiah? Jonah did weigh the pros and cons, and he spent three days in a whale's belly.

I don't want to spend three days in a whale's belly. I want to do God's will.

And if God's will puts us next to the ocean... awesome.