06 October 2012

On the Road Again

Seven National Parks. A National Monument. Mackinac Island. Five weddings. Canoeing on a sand-bottom river and a stormy mountain lake. A move to Florida, setting up our first house, and Initial Flight Screening. 

It's been an exciting year for my beautiful bride and I. 

And, we found out yesterday, we'll be moving again in three months. After fifteen years, the Navy and Air Force are bringing their joint pilot training programs to an end. 73 Air Force flight students who have arrived at Naval Air Station Whiting Field in the past two years are being relocated to Vance, Laughlin, and Columbus Air Force Bases. 

My wife and I are headed to Laughlin at the end of January. Until then, we'll do what we've been doing all year: traveling. Exploring. Loving life, and loving each other. 


  1. *bride and me

    sorry, pet peeve. and i figure you can take it lol